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Software Developer (mostly focused on web) and open-source enthusiast, sometimes gamer and anime lover.

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Screenshoting and uploading files to a file hosting service on Linux

Based on the work found at s-ul-curl-uploader and this issue, this is a bash script to quickly upload your flameshot screenshots into the service. Dependencies flameshot curl libnotify xclip wl-clipboard jq Arch dependency installation sudo pacman -S flameshot curl libnotify xclip wl-clipboard jq Installation Automatic Download curl -o /home/$USER/.local/bin/sul-uploader The script #!/bin/bash app_name="S-UL" # Dependencies: curl, notify-send, xclip, wl-clipboard, jq function _notify() { notify-send --expire-time 1000 \ --app-name "$app_name" \ --icon 'flameshot' \ "$1" "$2" } store_directory=/home/$USER/s-ul if [[ !...

Integrating the system native file manager with Wine

This is mostly aimed at osu! mappers/storyboarders who need an easy way to access osu! beatmap folders through wine. Introduction This is a quick tutorial on how you can edit some wine registry files to make wine open the native linux file explorer when clicking the Open folder menu on whatever application uses it, since the explorer.exe application doesn’t integrate that well with the linux environment. The main use-case for this workaround is the case of those who need to work with a high bandwidth of files being moved around and shared/edited/whatever it’s needed to do with it....

September 30, 2022 · 3 min · 450 words · Me